Which belt tension meter has good test results?


The belt tension meter is of contact and non-contact type.

Contact tension meter means that the test part of the belt tension meter is in contact with the belt. After the belt is compressed, the deflection of a certain stroke is displayed. The reading is displayed through the proportional relationship between the pointer and the deflection. Since the contact tension meter needs to be pressed manually, the pressing force of different people is different, and the error of the measured value is relatively large. But the price is cheap.

The non-contact tension meter mainly depends on measuring the vibration frequency of the belt to determine the belt tension. After the belt has determined the unit mass and winding length, its tension and vibration frequency are in a linear relationship. By tapping the belt, the belt vibrates, and the vibration frequency is measured by the instrument to know the tension of the belt.

Non-contact belt tension meters are divided into sonic type and optical type. The sonic belt tension meter is inconvenient to measure due to the environmental noise interference, and the error is large. A better belt tension meter is a non-contact optical tension meter. It is not disturbed by environmental noise and has high measurement accuracy. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive. The NBT-800 optical belt tension meter produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. can test the belt tension easily and accurately.

Following is the parameter of NBT-800


The Infrared Belt Tension Meter can measure the belt tension of motor and other machines quickly.

* Using laser sensor, direct measurement, more convenient than mechanical sensor.

* The size of the split sensor is small, which is suitable for measuring in a narrow space.

* Metric or imperial units can be used to display readings.

* With automatic power off function.


This tensiometer can measure the natural vibration frequency of the belt through the emission and reception of the laser, and then calculate the tension value of the belt by combining the input belt mass and the free belt length.


Model :NBT-800

Measurement Range: 10~800 Hz

Input Range: Free Belt Length Max 99.99 m

Belt Mass Max 9.999 kg/m Digital 

Sampling Error: < 1%

Display Error: ± 1Hz Total 

Error: < 5%

Operating Temperature Range: + 10~50 ° C 

Transportation Temperature Range: - 5~70 ° C Display: 


Unit of Measurement: Metric: m, kg/m, N

Imperial: Inch, lbs/foot, lbf Optical Path Measurement 

Distance: 3~20 mm Depth of Split Sensor: About 66mm

Power Supply: 4 x 1.5 V AAA (UM-4) Battery Size: Main Unit: 

140x70x31mm 5.5x2.8x1.2inch

Sensor: 124x21x12mm 4.9x0.8x0.5inch Weight: 

130g (Not Including Battery) 4.59oz Standard 


Main Unit Split 

Sensor Carrying Case

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