How to choose a yarn tension meter suitable for measuring yarn tension?

Yarn tension meter is a testing instrument used to measure yarn tension. Technical staff working in the textile industry often encounter the problem of measuring yarn tension. Since the yarn tension meter is a professional tool and is divided into many types and models, choosing a suitable yarn tension meter is still difficult for people who are not familiar with such equipment.

This article mainly introduces how to choose such instruments.

1. How to determine the range of the yarn tension meter? If the process requires certain yarn tension value, then select the range of the yarn tension meter according to the process required twice the yarn tension. For example, if the process requires the yarn tension to be 56g, then twice is about 102g , but there is no tension meters with  tension range of 102g, you can use the principle of proximity, choose a 100g tension meter, such as the yarn tension meter NTS series produced by Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd. Model NTS-100.

2. What type of yarn tension meter to choose? Yarn tension meter is divided into many types, different equipment must use different types of yarn tension meter, in order to improve work efficiency, to make the process of  measurement to be convenient and accurate. Yarn tension measurement is basically divided into two types, one is similar to the yarn tension test on the winder, the yarn is vertical from top to bottom. The measuring head can be a long rod type yarn tension meter, such as NTS series produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd., There is also a yarn tension meter for circular knitting machines. A tension meter similar to a pistol type is used to make the measurement convenient. NK series provided by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. Is suitable for circular knitting machines.

Model NTS


Tension range

Measuring head   width

Calibration   materials (Polyamide Monofilament)


0.3-50.0 cN




1.0-100.0 cN




2.0-200. cN




5-500 cN



Unit conversion: 1cN = 1.02g

The betten brand yarn tension meter is equipped with three wheels, equipped with an auto-zero function, and an electronic damping system. Can completely eliminate self-vibration and resistance caused by the instrument itself, increasing the reliability of test results. The tension can be measured conveniently and quickly in a dynamic state.

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Description: Yarn Tension meter and Yarn Tension meter are suitable for all kinds of yarns, ropes, and ribbon materials. Digital yarn tension meter can detect the yarn tension and change of tension during spinning. Need to indicate the required range.

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