how to use a yarn tension guage to measure yarn tension?


First of all you should determine the tension range.  how do you determine the thread tension measurement range? If there is no special process designation, please refer to the TEX value of the yarn to determine the range of the tension meter. For example, if the yarn is 30TEX, its measured value is about 30g. A yarn tension tester with a tension of 50g is suitable. For example, the small-range yarn tension detector and yarn tension meter NTS-50 of Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd., with automatic zeroing function, can fully meet the yarn tension measurement.

Second of all , you should choose a correct type of yarn tension guage. 

Which style of yarn tension guage to choose? yarn tension gauges are divided into many types. Different equipment must use different types of yarn tension guage to improve work efficiency and make measurements convenient and accurate. There are basically two types of yarn tension measurement, one is suitable for a winder, the yarn is vertical from top to bottom. You can choose long rod type yarn tension guage. For example, NTS series produced by Betten Technology Co., Ltd. is long rod type. There is also a yarn tension guage for large circular knitting machines. It is convenient to measure with a pistol-type tension meter.The NK series yarn tension guage of Betten Technology Co., Ltd. Is suitable for circular knitting machines.

New Features of Model NTS Series

1. The patented technology automatically resets the meter to zero , which improves the measurement accuracy and facilitates measurement.

2. The tested material, the guide roller, and the screen are located on the same plane. During the test, the test data, the status of the guide roller and the tested material can be seen.

3. The screen display direction can be changed according to the customer's holding method, which is convenient for reading.

4. g, c N can be selected as the unit for measuring value display.

5. Record the maximum value, minimum value and draw value during the measurement.

6. Equipped with lead frame and guide roller movement structure, easy to capture the tested material

7. The measuring head of the NTS is a ball bearing V-groove guide roller with a maximum speed of 900 m / min

8.LIPO lithium-ion polymer battery (about 60 hours of continuous operation)

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