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handheld web tension gauge and handheld web tension meter are tension meter which are used in the paper industry. Paper machine clothing running at in-correct tension will have a negative effect on the machine's performance . Too low tension will decrease the fabric's stability, which can result in wrinkles and unplanned fabric changes. Too high fabric tension can influence the fabric mesh (which changes the dewatering performance) , will increase the load on bearings and rolls and can result in torn fabrics, with all the dangers and lost production that come with it. An uneven tension over the machine width will guide the fabric to one side, causing the guiding roll to counter-steer resulting in considerable wear and uneven permeability of the fabric. 

Shenyang Betten Technology Co.,Ltd. Prvide Z-200 handheld web tension gauge and handheld web tension meter for paper industry .

6. specification                       Z-200


Measuring range                         0-200N/CM               


accuracy                                ±2.5% measured value    


Dimension                   Underpan : length ×width=228mm×150mm


To be used on:               forming fabrics, press fabrics dryer screens


Total height:                                 190mm                  

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