What are the advantages of infrared tension meter compared with sonic tension meter?


There are two types of instruments for measuring belt tension: infrared tension meter and sonic tension meter. The principle is to calculate the tension of the belt through a formula after measuring the vibration frequency of the belt. So what are the disadvantages of the two belt tension meters?

1. First of all, the price of infrared belt tension meter is generally higher than that of sonic belt tension meter.

2. The transmission medium of the infrared tension meter measuring frequency is light, the transmission process is very stable, the anti-interference is strong, and the measured data is stable and reliable. The frequency measurement medium of the sonic belt tension meter is audio, which is easily disturbed by environmental noise, and the measured data fluctuates greatly.

The above is the main difference between the two belt tension meters. The infrared tension meter NBT-800 produced by Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd. is an infrared tension meter. Used to measure the tension of transmission belts, timing belts and other belts.

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