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Wire tension meter wire tensiometer


Wire tension meter and wire tensiometer  NT series, NTS series,

Specifications: NT-2500, wire diameter compensation range 0.3-0.7mm

Product application: Hand-held wire tensiometer for accurately measuring the dynamic and static tension of various process materials (including yarns, fibers, wires, and optical fibers). 

Wire tension meter features

It uses the "three-wheel tension measurement principle".

• High precision and high resolution. Digital display, no parallax.

• Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, continuous working for about 60 hours.

• N (newton), kg (kilogram), lb (pound), g (gram),daN, Cn  six  measurement units are available for selection and conversion.

• Display the current value, maximum value, peak value, and minimum value during the measurement period.

• Can be set to automatically shut down for 3 minutes without operation; it can also be shut down manually.

• Take more than 10 measurements per second and display the average of the measurements at a user-selected time interval.

• Use USB data cable output and wireless data output to communicate with PC.

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