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Shenyang Betten Technology Co., Ltd. provides the aircraft cable tension meter and aircraft cable tensiometer  NTA series, which are used to measure the tension of airplane control cable. The models include NTA-20K-F,NTA-30K-F ,NTA-50K-F, NTA-100K-F, the measuring range is from 0 to 100KG, and the diameter of the cable is 0-5.5mm. When ordering, please tell us clearly the specifications of the cable you need to measure. The tension meter will be calibrated according to your requirements before shipment.



Accuracy :  (factory calibration material) 2% full scale (FS), (other materials) 3% FS.

Display update frequency :   0.5 seconds

Optional units:   gf, cN, N, kgf, daN, LB (switchable units are different for different ranges)

Adjustable range: The displayed value can be adjusted within ± 10 steps of 1% of full scale according to the site requirements

Line speed:   1000m / min

Stored value:   Maximum, minimum, maximum peak, minimum peak, average

Display :  Dot-matrix LCD

Shell size:  76 × 46 × 275mm

Power : Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, continuous working for about 60 hours

Operating temperature : 10-45 ° C, 90% relative humidity or less

Accessories :  Instrument, instruction manual, certificate, charger, instrument box

Scope of application   Tension measurement of aircraft cable and other areas

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