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Yarn tension meter yarn tensiometer


Yarn Tensiometer and Yarn Tension meter are suitable for all kinds of yarns, ropes, and ribbon materials. Digital yarn tension meter can detect the yarn tension and change of tension during spinning. Need to indicate the required range.

Model NTS

ModelTension rangeMeasuring head widthCalibration materials (Polyamide Monofilament)

NTS-500.3-50.0 cN40mmφ0.2mm

NTS-1001.0-100.0 cN40mmφ0.2mm

NTS-2002.0-200. cN40mmφ0.2mm

NTS-5005-500 cN40mmφ0.2mm

Unit conversion: 1cN = 1.02g

The betten brand yarn tensiometer is equipped with three wheels, equipped with an auto-zero function, and an electronic damping system. Can completely eliminate self-vibration and resistance caused by the instrument itself, increasing the reliability of test results. The tension can be measured conveniently and quickly in a dynamic state.

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